Blue Lake Park Entrance



LOCATION Blue Lake Regional Park – Fairview, Oregon

LEEKA Architecture consulted with Marianne Zarkin Landscape Architect on an A/E team which was awarded the Blue Lake entrance renovation project via RFP process. The Scope of work was to completely renovate the entrance of Blue Lake Regional Park to increase traffic que space and create a new landscaped image for the park entrance.

LEEKA Architecture’s role was to design 3 entrance ticket buildings within the renovated landscaped and traffic lane que lines.

One challenge during the project was deciding whether to stick build the entrance buildings or Modular design. Thru a collaborative process LEEKA Architecture determined that a Modular design company would be the best solution as there would be superior quality control crafting the three buildings off site in a controlled environment, then trucking them to the site and craned to position on a pre build foundation system. Additionally the modular system would be easier to get thru building permitting as the entrance buildings are code certified thru the state prior to permit submittal to the city.

Customer Contact:
Marianne Zarkin – MLZA
Principal in charge, project prime consultant
(503) 802-0031

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