LEEKA Architects, (formerly STOA-EKA Architects) was initially established in 1974 as Ehman-Klas Architects, (EKA), in Portland Oregon. Today, LEE – EKA Architects, provides full architectural services including new building design, site investigations, land use planning, architectural programming/ design, space planning, ADA compliance studies, renovations of existing buildings, and tenant improvements.

Management and Organizational Structure: LEEKA Architects endeavor to oversee and be involved on all projects in the office. All projects that come into the office will be under supervision of the Principal. The project manager or Principal will conduct direct communications with the client and will execute the majority of the construction documents to minimize any dilution of information through the chain of command. Any team members that may be needed on any particular project will be mentored by the project manager / Principal. The manager will be able to utilize his expert past experience to produce efficient, well coordinated, and complete project documents.Availability of Staff to perform work: we are careful not to extend beyond our capacity to efficiently provide a high quality of service. However if a need arises we can supplement our staffing and resources.

Availability of Staff to Perform Work: We are careful not to extend beyond our capacity to efficiently provide a high quality of service. However if a need arises we can supplement our staffing and resources.

Work Quality: For Quality control, during the design phase, we can coordinate with a construction estimation consultant to develop and monitor the construction budget for larger projects. We have the estimator provide one estimate at the end of design development and a more detailed report at the 90% construction document phase. In this way we can identify and resolve budget issues by utilizing value engineering, alternates, scope modification or other innovative solutions to control estimated construction cost to meet budget. When any project is nearing completion, one of the other principals, not in charge with the project, will review the documents in an effort to bring even more experience and fresh eyes in an effort to achieve well coordinated project documentation. In addition all staff with architectural registrations continually pursue education on the latest products, construction means and code issues relevant to the project to continually provide better documents, on time and within budget, shorter permit times and fewer changer orders.


NeilNeil Y. Lee AIA, CSI/CDT

Neil Y. Lee has over twenty years of creative design and project management experience. Neil Lee’s training has encompassed a wide market spectrum. His project experience include Retail, Commercial, Aviation, Medical, Industrial, Residential, Education, Ecclesiastical, and Public facilities.

Neil is a registered Architect in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Arizona, and Colorado. He has focused his career on developing well-rounded architectural skills to provide the best service possible for his clients.


Neil Lee has continued to provide architectural services on a variety of projects over the years. He provides space planning and designs that are economical, efficient, and accurate time and time again.

Jon Schiele

Project Manager at BnK Construction, Inc.