Woodburn Walgreens


CLIENT Walgreens – PECO NNN Development

LOCATION Woodburn, Oregon

Mr. Neil Lee was in charge of the project and performed nearly all aspects of design work, documentation, management of employment staff, engineering consultants, and interfacing with the Walgreens and the Developer.

One challenge during the design phase was negotiating the property boundary with the city of Woodburn and ODOT. The main road thru Woodburn was slated for a major road expansion at the time of design which would reduce the proposed property frontage by as much as 50 feet. By collaborating with the developer, city and ODOT, LEEKA Architecture was able to re configure the site frontage and entry points to be able to meet the future road expansion by ODOT and current zoning regulations by the city of Woodburn while keeping the building in a prominent spot on the site for visibility off the main road.

Customer Contact:
Robert Sherry – PECO NNN Development

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